Memes for Trafalcor’s Holiday! (Part I)

It’s the annual anniversary of the genocide of the Frolorf by Captain Trafalcor. What better way to celebrate the universe’s oddest, yet most beloved holiday than a massive Chopshop meme-off? We’ve chosen the best chops that our FTL forum cadets have submitted to help everyone get in the holiday spirit.



Spacebuzz_BLT never turns down a 2 for 1 special.


If you need a genesis particle accelerator in 30 minutes flat, Gauss Gatz is your man.

Ever since Flok Tok Blok got out of jail, he’s been throwing away his credits in backyard jape tournaments.


Who is Charles Watterspatz’s Pet Dolphin? Who ISN’T Charles Watterspatz’s Pet Dolphin?

Continue on to Part II.

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