Memes for Trafalcor’s Holiday! (Part II)

See previous Part I.


A week into his portrait of the living history of the cosmos, WrenchLyfe was a week behind.


CREDIT$URPRISE$PREE sometimes enjoys a musical interlude.


While others might be seen as soldiers of fortune, Macy’s Military Grade is a private of misfortune.


A crippling vocal cord deformity could never stop Whomp Chump from singing aloud at the local starport.


It’s impossible for Seahorse Starfish Seahorse to turn down a birthday party invitation.


That’s it for today’s Chops! Thanks to Spacebuzz_BLT, Gauss Gatz, Flok Tok Blok, Charles Watterspatz’s Pet Dolphin, WrenchLyfe, CREDIT$URPRISE$PREE, Macy’s Military Grade, Whomp Chump, and Seahorse Starfish Seahorse for their submissions on our forums. Happy Trafalcor’s Holiday, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Memes for Trafalcor’s Holiday! (Part II)

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  2. I knew this site was going to Sector 6 when it got bought out by FTL Gurus and now my suspicious are correct. Snoff you grolls for doing this to the Frolorf. They did nothing.

  3. BTW Not like anyone cares, but Trafalcor was NEVER A CAPTAIN, he was ONLY A LORD. Check your facts, snoffs.

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